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Another Spooky Glyndon Halloween

  • November 1, 2011 1:01 pm

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The Glyndon Community Association held its 2011 Halloween Party at the Emory Grove Hotel. More than 140 princes, princesses, pirates, mercenaries, and other cut-throats and heroes attended. Many thanks to the event chair, Gale DeHaven, and her awesome volunteers, and the Emory Grove Association.

Halloween 2010

  • October 31, 2010 1:22 pm

Halloween was the greatest here in Glyndon! “Bedlam in the Boro” (Lineboro, MD — billboard on Rt. 140) and Transylvania had nothing on Glyndon this past Saturday evening. Emory Grove and its Victorian “Haunted” Emory Grove Hotel became a partying venue for all Glyndonites, young and old. It was a night of “magic”! (Magic is the word used by one of our members!)

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The magical place, known as Emory Grove, came alive with many witches, Darth Vader, a large gorilla, a feisty pirate complete with live bird on her shoulder, beautiful princesses,a plethora of football players and much more. There were even 3 clowns – clowning around! One was rather tall ( I was asked if I was on stilts and had to show my legs to prove otherwise!). After the menagerie gathered in front of the Hotel, the gathered costumed group was led to the Temple to meet with a real ‘witchy’ witch who told everyone a Halloween story. Then the kids were off to Trick or Treat at several of the cottages in the Grove before returning to the “haunted” Hotel for games, prizes, and most especially the “spooky walk” of the second floor of the hotel. (I believe the adults wanted to take the “spooky walk” more than the kids!) All the while, Halloween goodies galore were consumed by the estimated 100 participants!

This was truly a Glyndon “team” effort. I want to thank all who helped with this most successful Halloween party. The GCA Halloween party began during the term of former GCA President Vernene Rodgers Lenz, 19 years ago. After last year’s one year hiatus, because we could find no chair for 2009, the annual Halloween Party returned in its sensational glory to be the “very best ever”! Under the leadership of Glyndon resident and Glyndon Community Association’s Board Member Gale DeHaven, the plans came together. Thanks to Nan Kaestner for her many planning ideas and the “spooky walk”. Assisting Gale, more than we will ever know, in this “magic” Halloween were Missy Fanshaw, Karen Wriesen, Lauren De Haven, Kim Karlsen, Kim Montayne, Heather Donatelli, Michelle Kriebel, and many middle schoolers. Rosemary Stem made sure every goblin and party-goer got fed. Thanks also is extended to the many husbands, family members and friends for their support and assistance. Special Thanks to Meredith and Charlie Wells in obtaining the use of the Hotel, etc. Special kudos to the Emory Grove Association for the use of the hotel and grounds along with all of the “Grovers” who opened up their cottages to the Trick or Treaters. Photos were taken by Kate Bullock and Vernene Rodgers Lenz. Look for photos at within a few days. This celebration shows true community spirit by so many people, imaginatively working for the betterment of Glyndon and neighborly comraderie. If I have failed to recognize someone for his / her help, I humbly apologize.

Finally, thank-you to all of the 100 who attended this gala. YOU made it an evening of MAGIC for those who worked so hard to plan this affair.

I must not forget to recognize Tickled Pink and the Boxwood Connection for the gifts that were given away plus Farmer Tom, from Berryman’s Lane, for all of the pumpkins, straw bales and other items that added to our festive decorations.

Yes, it was an evening of MAGIC in a magical and majestic community!

On behalf of your GCA Board, I thank all of you,