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Signs an Age Old Problem

  • July 26, 2013 7:01 am

Signs in Glyndon have been an age old problem.  Most likely as old as the town itself.  In, 1860 the Western Maryland Railroad made access to this part of the county where Glyndon is now located and created the birth of our town.   Soon people realized that this was a great place to escape the city heat and cottages and houses began to spring up.  The founding of Glyndon occurred when Dr. Charles A. Leas in 1871 helped promote the town and the vacation industry. ( see Wikipedia, Glyndon Maryland for more information)  People would migrate north on the railroad to come here for the summer.  Local residents would advertise with signs in front of their property for rooms and food.  The sign issues are stated below:

The Growth of Glyndon – published in The Baltimore American on Sept. 19th, 1897 

” The beauty of some of the avenues is spoiled by signs stuck out on the lawns and pasted on the fences stating that boarding can be secured inside, and that meals are furnished to travelers”.  The full article can be seen in Dr. Jay Toth’s waiting room in the old Glyndon Bank.

Glyndon is no longer a vacation spot but signs are a continuing issue in Glyndon.  Current Baltimore County Code allows for temporary signs for up to 60 days with a permit per calendar year.  A frame signs are not permitted.   Volunteer Fire Departments have exemptions.  We are addressing the current violation in town.


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