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50th Anniversary Glyndon July 4 Parade

  • July 31, 2011 2:29 pm

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A report from Gary Lenz, chairman of the Glyndon Community Association parade committee:

The morning of July 4, 2011 dawned somewhat overcast and folks were thinking, “Will it rain?”  There is absolutely no way it would rain on the 50th Anniversary Glyndon Parade!  As Vernene and I left for O’Meara’s field all looked good.  Daryan, our son, had already been to the field with Nan Kaestner to set up the tables with the 51 years of photos.  Santoni’s trucks had arrived just prior to us and were starting to set up to feed, what I knew, would be a huge crowd.

As 9:30 passed and it was getting closer to 10, everything was coming together.  The convertibles arrived to carry our Past Presidents, the Glyndon Volunteer Fire Department apparatus arrived followed by a beautiful red, white, and blue patriotic ‘trike” motorcycle.  Next arrived a phenomenal 1930’s Rolls Royce and 2 other 1930’s antique cars. Then the most important part of the parade arrived in droves by the hundreds, our marchers!  There were over 100 folks decked out in the commemorative Anniversary Tee Shirt, “a sea of red”! There were young and old, carriages, bikes, scooters, and more all decked out for the “only parade of its kind – one where everyone is in the parade” – the 51st Glyndon Independence Day Parade.

Our Grand Marshalls, Mary and Jim O’Meara were brought to the field by their children.  Four of the “first marchers” of July 4, 1961 were with us.  There was Theresa O’Meara Prevosto, Kevin O’Meara, Bucky Edgett, and Pete Edgett. Theresa and Pete carried the American Flag along with Bucky to lead our Parade.

Lee Wroe arrived driving the 4 wheeler pulling the wagon with the music.  I know that the Wroe family works long and hard to insure that the music works for our parade each year!

At approximately 10 AM, the Parade stepped off to follow the route it has taken for 51 years.  Our Baltimore County Police were already in place to block traffic for the safety of our neighbors.  It seemed that everyone in town and from near and far were either in the Parade or spectating.  It is amazing to know that this Parade has continued and only gotten bigger with each passing year.  We followed our route and pulled into O’Meara Field for our short ceremony.

Our Grand Marshall’s were introduced and received a sustained, well-deserved applause from those  gathered for their continued support of Glyndon and the Parade. The firemen climbed on their truck with the American Flag.  We joined in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a robust singing of the Star Spangled Banner.  This is truly America! The newly arrived  “Pastor Jeannie” Marsh of the Glyndon United Methodist Church closed our program with a heartfelt Benediction.

All were invited back for the 52nd Independence Day Parade on July 4, 2012. Then it was food and fellowship for all!

This tremendous Parade is truly a community affair.  I need to thank a long list of folks for their generosity and support:

  • The O’Meara Family for the use of the field for the 51st year.
  • Glyndon Volunteer Fire Department for their continued faithful participation.
  • Santoni’s Markets for their continued support of the hot dogs, chips, and drinks.
  • Gale DeHaven for her diligence in bringing the “sea of red” to fruition with the commemorative tee shirts.
  • Richard Stanley for designing our distinctive commemorative shirt.
  • Village Sound , Wroe Electronics, Battery Warehouse and Phil Wroe III for the use of the speakers and sound system.
  • The Wroe Family for providing the music.
  • Nan Kaestner for the display of photos of the past parades.
  • Chuck Welsh and his “helpers” for the balloons for the parade.
  • Sandy Laken, David Porter, Patrick DeHaven, and Russell Bullock for the convertibles for the parade.
  • Lori Hans and our Glyndon neighbors for the cookies and goodies.

I am sure there are others that I have not mentioned, thank you. Finally, thank you to all of our participants, you make the 4th glorious in Glyndon!

It was a tremendously glorious July 4th in Glyndon!  We will see you around the neighborhood, and particularly on July 4, 2012 for our 52nd Parade!

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