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Community Meets February 9

  • January 22, 2011 11:20 am

An Update from GCA president Gary Lenz:

The light snows we have had in the last week add a majestic glow to our wonderful neighborhood. The bone chilling temperatures are keeping folks indoors, except for the sledding children. When you venture out, be mindful of the ice caused by the snow and the cold. Below you will find information important to our community members.


The Annual meeting of the Glyndon Community Association will be held on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 beginning at 7 PM in the Glyndon Volunteer Fire Department. The notice of this meeting has gone out to all members. It is also posted at the Post Office bulletin board and at Santoni’s Market.

The agenda for this meeting includes the Election of Officers for 2011 – 2012, voting on an important change to the GCA Bylaws and much more. George Boden and Joe Culotta, the gentlemen from Baltimore County, who are instrumental in the Water Pipe Project will be with us. They will be able to update us on the Project and how it will proceed when work resumes in March. If you have any questions, George and Joe will answer them. We hope to see all of you on February 9th.

Now the commercial: Dues invoices for GCA went out the first week of January to all of our community. We invite you to renew your membership or join GCA, as many have already done. Send your check to GCA, P.O. Box 86, Glyndon, MD 21071. You may also pay at the Annual Meeting. Remember, you must be a currently paid member to vote at the meeting. We want you to join us.


This is a reminder that it is important that we clear our sidewalks after it snows. The sidewalks are used by our residents on a regular basis and it is important that these be clear to walk on. Below is the Baltimore County Law concerning the clearing of sidewalks. Within 24 hours after a snowfall, it is our job to clear our walks. If we have an elderly neighbor, or someone is out-of-town, it is nice to offer assistance, needless to say. Our residents do a good job in this regard, but a reminder is important to all of us.


(a) Required. Within 24 hours after the fall of any snow, each person or public institution occupying or using a residential, commercial, or industrial building in any manner or for any purpose shall remove and clear away, or cause to be removed and cleared away, the snow from the foot pavements fronting the respective houses, stores, shops, stables, houses of worship, lots occupied by any buildings, unoccupied buildings, and unoccupied lots that run along streets in the county.

(b) Manner of removal. In removing or clearing the snow, the person may not:

(1) Obstruct the passage of water in gutters along the street; or

(2) Throw the snow on the paved portion of the street.

(c) County may remove. If the person required to remove and clear snow under this section does not remove and clear the snow, the county may do so at the expense of the person.

(d) Expense a lien.

(1) If the person does not pay the expense incurred by the county for snow removal under this section, the expense shall be a lien on the property in the same manner as taxes, and shall be collected in the same manner provided by law for the collection of taxes.

(2) Charges and assessments imposed under this subsection are benefit charges and may not exceed a reasonable estimate of the special benefit conferred on the property.

(e) Removal of ice. The person required to remove and clear snow also shall keep ice and every type of obstruction out of the gutters leading to and off the pavements or sidewalks located in front or at the rear or sides of the same buildings.

(f) Penalty. In addition to the other remedies provided in this section, a person who fails to comply with this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to a fine of $25 for each failure and an additional $25 for each day the obstruction continues.

(1988 Code, § 31-8) (Bill No. 3, 1990, § 2; Bill No. 66-01, § 2, 7-1-2004)


As you probably know, Eileen and Rich Wuerthele have moved from Glyndon, due to an occupational relocation. I am pleased to welcome the new residents of that property, Cassandra (CJ) and Alan Gulley. We welcome them to Glyndon and to the GCA, as they have already joined our Association. Please join me in welcoming CJ and Alan to our community.

If you know of anyone who is ill, has died, is moving, or has moved into Glyndon, please notify Vernene Rodgers Lenz, the chairperson of this committee. We want to include everyone but you are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community.


It is not hard to remember the infestation of “stink bugs” that we had in our homes last summer. If you interested in more information on the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (how many of you knew this full name?), the University of Maryland Extension will be offering a 2 hour program on this critter and how to cope with it at the Carroll County Office on January 27, 2011. For more information contact the Carroll County Extension Office at 410-386-2760. Thank you to Meredith Wells for passing this along to us.

Enjoy the rest of the winter. Soon we will be receiving the flower and shrub catalogs in the mail which will mean that it will be time to think, “Spring.”

I hope to see you at the GCA Annual Meeting. We also look forward to seeing each other around our quaint Victorian community, where everyone says, “Hello!”

Please feel free to offer your volunteer help to GCA — just contact me! “The more hands, the merrier!” as the old expression states. GCA is YOUR organization, it works for YOU — it is not a clique for only a few — but, a membership driven Association. HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Water Pipe Replacement Construction Halted Until March

  • January 8, 2011 2:52 pm

A report by Water Pipe Project Chairperson, Kate Bullock:

At the request of the Contractor, the County has agreed to temporarily stop construction work in Glyndon, until Mid-March.  Work will be completed on Railroad and Albright this week.  Work on Central will not begin until Mid-March.

All aspects of the construction project require the use of water.  Freezing temperatures not only interfere with work schedules, but create dangerous ice for both crews and the Community.

While no problems are anticipated, should residents or businesses on Butler, Railroad, or Albright, experience any problems with road patches or with their new connections, please contact me, or Joe Culotta.

I’ll see you in the spring thaw…

Kate Grace Bullock, Chair, Water Pipe Replacement, GCA,

Joe Culotta, Field Inspector, Baltimore County, 1-443-789-0539

Post Holiday Updates

  • January 8, 2011 2:10 pm

A report from GCA president Gary Lenz

Happy New Year!

I trust that you have  had a terrific, joyful and meaningful  holiday season.   We hope you were able to attend our GCA Community Tree Lighting, where we sang carols, turned on the lights and then witnessed the arrival of Santa outdoors, by our GCA trees, which were planted long ago, near the Glyndon Fire Department.  Visits with Santa, as well as singing and holiday goodies continued at Thomas’ Hair Salon, along with fun music.

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I also hope you were able to attend the Historic Glyndon Holiday Open House.  The carolers were terrific, if I do say so myself!! What a wonderful festive neighborhood gathering!

Hopefully,  you were able to visit the Train Garden at the Glyndon Volunteer Fire Department.  Everyone became a kid, once again,  when  witnessing the chugging trains and pretending to be an  engineer, by pushing the buttons!  It is a magical place and we thank the GVFD for the thousands of hours that have gone into this illuminating gigantic creative garden. Appreciation is extended to all of the community organizations and individuals who helped create this joyous Holiday Season for us.  On behalf of GCA, I thank every single one of you who played an integral part, whether ‘out in front’ or behind the scenes, to make the entire holiday season a magical and memorable time for multitudes.

Now, we get into the cold, winter “doldrums” as some call the upcoming months.  Here in Glyndon, there is always something going on so it does not get dull!  Please read the following information that may  affect you.

Christmas Tree Recycling

Starting on January 10, 2011, Baltimore County will be picking up Christmas Trees for recycling.  The trees must be placed curbside.  Tree pick up will be for approximately 2 weeks.  Trees must be placed curbside no later than January 15 to insure pick up.

Reisterstown Patch

Do you know there is a new on line news source in our area?  It is the Reisterstown Patch.  This is a daily email that is free and you can sign up for at This quick read has information on the happenings in our area.  Check it out!

GCA Annual Meeting

Please mark your calendar.  The GCA Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 beginning at 7 PM.  The meeting will be held at the Glyndon Volunteer Fire Department Hall.  The agenda will include the election of the new GCA Board for 2011-2012, the annual report of the Treasurer,  report of the  Financial Records review, plus other business.  We anticipate a report from our County Representatives concerning the Water Pipe project with a tentative schedule for completion.  This is an advance notice of the meeting.  A formal notice will be forthcoming soon.  Please plan to join us!

GCA Annual Dues

Watch your mail for your dues notice for GCA  membership.  You should receive it with all pertinent information within the next week.  WE want you to renew or join us as we expect an exciting year in YOUR GCA!

Sharing and Caring

When we put up the lights on our community trees at the fire hall, one of our stalwart GCA Board members,who has been instrumental in this endeavor for years, Per Karlsen, had a tree needle inadvertently scratch his eye.  After several trips to the doctor, the scratch did not heal,    Per had surgery to repair the problem last week.  He is recuperating at home.  He would, I am sure, appreciate your cards or calls. Per is under great care from wife, Kim, the children, and their dog!  He expects a full recovery.

Did you know that one of our longest resident families, Jean and George Wroe,  had a fire in their home before Christmas?  The drier caught fire around 12:30 AM causing damage to the laundry area as well as smoke damage throughout much of the  house.  Smoke detectors alerted the residents to the problem. (Have you checked your smoke detectors lately?).  Repair work is ongoing, but life has returned to normal in the Wroe household.  We are thankful that damage was minor and the residents are fine.

If you know of someone moving out or into the community, of a serous illness, or a death, please tell us so we can appropriately share our caring within the village of Glyndon.

On behalf of the Officers and Directors of GCA, I want to thank you for your support in the past yea of 2010.  Yes, I do  anticipate a great 2011!

Happy New Year,