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Water Replacement Begins in July

  • July 9, 2010 12:26 pm

Kate Bullock, chair of the Glyndon Community Association’s Water Task Force, reports:

The following information is being provided for your planning purposes.  As with any construction project, weather, traffic, and other concerns will cause adjustments to the plan. Updates will be provided as they become available. The County is making every effort to respect the needs of homeowners and commercial concerns.  Our patience and understanding during construction will help to maintain a cooperative environment for everyone.

Crews will work in sections, in the following order:

  1. Butler Road
  2. Railroad and Albright
  3. Central, Chatsworth, Glyndon, and Belleview
  4. Fiske and Worthington
  5. Waugh and Prospect
  6. Final Tie-In at Central and Albright

The Contractor, Cossentino Contracting Company, will contact you by letter, prior to work beginning in your section. We expect work on Butler Road to begin between July 9 and July 16.  In the next few weeks, we hope to have the proposed timeline for work in other sections.

Work Hours

Construction will occur between 9 AM and 3 PM.  Work hours may be extended where traffic permits. At the end of work in each section, an eight-hour water shut off will occur so that connection can be made to the new pipe.  The Contractor will give you 48 hours written notice prior to the shutoff.

For some commercial concerns, this shutoff will occur between the hours of 11 PM and 7 AM.  We have requested that residential shutoffs occur during day-time hours, for peaceful sleep. As each meter is then connected to new service, water to your property will be shut off again for approximately 20 minutes.  A County or Contractor’s representative will knock on your door to let you know before that occurs.


Expect delays. Be prepared for angry commuters. During construction on Butler , traffic will be restricted to one lane, with flaggers. Decisions have not yet been made for traffic control on other streets. Road crews, especially flaggers, face a dangerous and thankless job.  A friendly wave can go a long way toward easing tensions, and earning you preferential treatment.

Maintaining access to all businesses and private driveways will be a priority. There will be brief periods when crews are working directly in front of your property.  Please discuss with them, in advance, the times when you need to enter and exit.  They will do their best to accommodate you.


Be aware of the additional risks during construction. Drivers’ visibility and patience will be limited. Heavy equipment will be in use. Talk to your children.  Keep your pets at home.

Construction On Private Property

The location of your water meter will determine where work will occur. The County has made a commitment to restore to its original condition, any fence, lawn, sidewalk, driveway, or other element that is disturbed. Some meters will be replaced or relocated.

On Street Parking

The County has not yet made a decision regarding on-street parking during construction. For those of you who rely on on-street parking, you may want to be thinking about alternatives.

Water Usage

Except for scheduled shut-offs, water will be available to you at all times during construction.

Discolored Water

Hydrant flushing will continue during construction to maintain clear water service. Following shutoffs, you can expect sediment or discoloration in the water.  Plan accordingly.  You may wish to flush the line coming into your property, prior to drawing water throughout your house.  An outside hose bib is a good choice for flushing the line.

You may want to avoid doing laundry until you are certain that you have clean, clear water.

Stay Cool. Stay Safe

Prepare For The Worst.  Expect The Best

Any questions or concerns should be directed to

Kate Bullock
Chair, Water Task Force
Glyndon Community Association

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