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50th Independence Day Parade

  • July 9, 2010 12:37 pm
Post by Glyndon Community Association President Gary Lenz:
“There’s a moment for each of us in childhood, when we first sat along the curb and waved a little flag and saw our first parade.  Enhanced by the bracing sounds of snare drums, awed by marching bands and someone named John Phillips Sousa, for the first time we became aware that we were part of something bigger than us and our little world—something called community, and that we were at the birthday party of that community called our Country, and it was an important thing.  So we waved our little flag, and we clapped, and we ooooo’d at the fireworks and we were happy.”

“When we grew up a little, we learned that community meant more.  It was school, driver’s license, Scout troops, movie theaters, the moon over our back yard, and high school games. It was not the next county over’s place; it was our place.  Ours.”

“It is a geographical place, but it is more.  Something that is ours comes with deep roots of feelings, memories, and beliefs.  We will work for the things we enjoy.  We love our children and our community…and we will break our backs for them, put ourselves in danger for them, with barely a second thought.  July 4th is the day we celebrate the core stuff of achieving and protecting something special that is ours from sea to shining sea; it is the birthday of American patriotism, the day we celebrate the love we have for our country.”

Paraphrased from The Zone Magazine, July 2010.

Dear Glyndon Neighbors,

I know the above was long, but I believe it sums up what the 50th Glyndon Independence Day Parade was all about.  It was a glorious day to spend with our friends and neighbors.  Special meaning was added to our 50th with the return of our “First Marchers”, Theresa O’Meara Prevosto, Kevin O’Meara, Bucky Edgett and Pete Edgett.  Reminiscing ran rampant all day!

Thank-you to the Glyndon Volunteer Fire Department, Santoni’s Markets, Village Sound, and Battery Warehousefor their support.  Thank you to GCA’s  Past President’s, the flag bearers:  Judy Wroe, Charlie Wells, Vernene Lenz, John Morris, Nevitt Steele, Mark Laken, and Lee Wroe.  Special thanks to Nan Kaestner and her team, Katherine Giancola, Eleanor Taylor, Marti Clements, and Meredith Wells.

These neighbors spent hours putting together the displayed story of our Parade.  More special thanks to the Wroe Clan:  George, Don, Jay ,Lee, et. al.  who once again gave us our parade music and sound system.  Thank-you to Chuck Welsh and his “balloon blowing” team for the 200 balloons. The outstanding flier that invited you to the Parade was designed by Richard Stanley.
Thanks to Sandy Laken for the use of her vehicle.  Pastor Norman Obenshain gave a stellar, heartfelt Benediction to conclude the festivities. Also, Lori Hans, who chaired the cookie table, plus all contributors for the sweets, deserve a big hand!  Mr. and Mrs. James O’Meara make  this event possible each year  by allowing everyone the use of their large and beautiful field — and yes, they were there!
Last, but not least, I applaud all ofyou for coming to the parade, either to participate or watch, and also to join the Glyndonites in the Pledge, singing of the National Anthem, and heartfelt camaraderie.   This was truly a Glyndon community celebration provided by your friends and neighbors, sponsored by Glyndon Community Association.

July 4, 2011 will mark the 50th Anniversary of our Parade.  We will attempt to get as many of the “First Marchers” to return as possible.  Mark your calendars now for this phenomenal upcoming event!

Gary W. Lenz
Glyndon Community Association, Inc.

“We are all volunteers. We can agree to disagree. In the end, we are all neighbors who should exercise care and consideration.”

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