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Water Pipe Construction Schedule Update

  • December 4, 2010 1:34 pm

A report by Water Pipe Project Chairperson, Kate Bullock:


Crews will work a half day on Friday, December 24th. There will be no construction during the last week of December, the 27th through the 31st. Work will resume on January 3, 2011.


It is anticipated that all work on Butler Road will be completed by mid-December. However, unless there is a warming trend, final paving of Butler Road will not be done until spring or summer.


In mid-December, crews will begin to connect the new water pipe to individual properties. No access to your property will be required to complete the connection. You are not required to be at home. Crews will knock on your door prior to shutting off water for approximately 20 minutes in order to make the connection. If there are any vacant houses near you, you may want to contact owners to have them check that water is running freely to their houses after the connection is made. Work on Albright and Railroad is expected to be completed by the end of December.


Work in this section could begin any time between mid-December and the first of the year. Work will begin at the north end of Central (at Butler Road), moving south to Albright. Side streets will done at the same time, moving north to south. It is anticipated that work in this section will take 2 months or longer. Three months or more is a safe assumption.

During construction, there will be one lane of traffic on Central Avenue. As work is done on side streets, they will be closed to all but local traffic. On street parking will not be prohibited, however you may want to find alternative parking during construction to eliminate any chance of damage to your vehicles.


Weather conditions will slow the progress that crews can make. Several aspects of construction require the use of water. While crews will salt any areas that may be subject to ice, expect to see more ice on roads and sidewalks than normal. Snowplows will not be able to make a clean sweep over steel plates or temporary paving. Be aware that ice will collect in these areas, and pot holes will form. As most asphalt suppliers close during the winter months, crushed stone may have to be used for temporary paving.


The steel plates used during the pipe laying process make a great deal of noise and cause houses to shake rattle and roll. The steel plates used when house connections are made, are even worse. The problem should be less severe on other roads than it has been on Butler, with fewer cars and lower speeds. However, be prepared to be unhappy for a few days until temporary paving replaces steel plates.


Since construction began in July, both the County and I have received remarkably few complaints from business and residents. In fact, many have complimented the crews for their work, and for the respect that they have shown for private property. While we certainly hope that to continue to be the case, should any problems, concerns, or questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact either:

Kate Bullock
GCA Chair, Water Replacement Project

Joe Culotta
Baltimore County Field Inspector

Light the Glyndon Christmas Tree

  • November 18, 2010 6:25 pm

Gary Lenz, president of the Glyndon Community Associatiion, invites everyone to join the Glyndon Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration on Sunday, December 5, at 6:30 p.m.

  • Meet at the Glyndon Firehall (see the train garden)
  • Decorate two trees, sing carols, turn on lights
  • Santa arrives to visit with children
  • Refreshments, songs & games at Thomas’ Salon

2009 Glyndon Christmas

Donations Appreciated Now

Bring your nonreturnable, unbreakable tree ornaments to Thomas’ Salon now, for the community’s trees. Two or more cans of nonperishable food for the food pantry, per family, is the optional admission fee!

WEAR warm clothing!

BRING flashlights!


President, Gary William Lenz

Committee Chairpersons: Vernene Rodgers Lenz & Sharon Gardner

Committee & Helpers: Gale De Haven, Per Karlsen, Karen Cervino, Sue Benson, Jennifer Fletcher, Daryan Lenz, , Lauren De Haven, Alan Wroe, Bob Grover, David Hughes, Karen Wreizen, Dana Long, Kim Karlsen, Bill Zeise, Nan Kaestner, & Friends

Glyndon Water Pipe Update

  • November 6, 2010 8:22 am

Below you will find an update from our Water Project Chair, Kate Bullock on the current and future state of the project.

Before you read the update, be reminded:

Wednesday, November 10 7PM GCA Quarterly Meeting at Forbush School

Sunday, December 5 Annual GCA Sponsored Christmas Tree Lighting 6:30PM at Glyndon Fire Hall

Butler Road – Section I

New water lines are currently being tested for pressure and bacteria.  As soon as testing is complete, lines will be tied-in to main valves at Glen Morris and Railroad. Tie-in work at these two locations will occur from 10 PM – 6 AM.  Fewer properties than anticipated will be affected – only those on Butler Road, from 3rd Avenue to Central Avenue. All property owners will receive 48 hours written notice prior to the water shut off.  The Contractor will leave the notice at your door.  Once that work is complete, each Butler Road property will be connected to the new line. That will require a 15-20 minute water shut off.  Property owners will be notified by a knock at the door.

It is highly recommended that each time your water is turned on/off, you flush your line.  The best way to do this is to open an outside hose bib, or to run the water in your lowest or first to enter the house indoor faucet, until it runs clear.

Once the above is complete, Butler Road properties will be served by new water lines, and will not see construction again until next spring or summer when the road is repaved and the old fire hydrants removed.

Railroad/Albright – Section II

Work is in progress. Watch for road closures and detours.

Central Avenue and Three Side Streets – Section III

Stay tuned for information regarding construction dates, road closures, and traffic issues.

Questions or Concerns:

Kate Bullock

Meet Your New Councilman November 10

  • November 6, 2010 7:50 am

As previously advised, our Quarterly GCA Meeting will be held at Forbush School this Wednesday, November 10.  beginning at 7PM.  Below you will find a “revised” notice of the meeting with agenda and directions..  Please read the highlighted information below before going to the notice.

Our newly elected County Councilman Todd Huff will be joining us. Meet him NOW!  We will need his help and support!

In addition, we will have an update on Forbush School.  Then George Boden and Joe Culotta from Public Works will be with us to update the progress of the Water Project and give us information on  the future of the project.  I highly recommend that you come to the meeting to get the latest information on the Water Project and how these proceedings will affect you, as well as the entire neighborhood.

Of course, their will be other business of the Association that must be dealt with including our Budget approval for 2011.

Thank you to Forbush Schhol for the use of the facility and for providing refreshments.
GCA  Quarterly Meeting


TIME:  7 P.M.




Directions:  From Central Avenue, Turn LEFT onto Insulin Lane.  At the top of

the drive, one will see the Dining Hall clearly marked straight ahead.  Park in the parking lot.


Forbush School Update

Water Pipe Project Update – George Boden/ Joe Culotta Baltimore County Public Works

Glyndon Traffic Enforcement – Baltimore County Police Dept (Tentative)

Meet the new County Councilman Elect, Todd Huff ,

Committee Reports

Holiday Tree Lighting, Sunday December 5, 6:30


Halloween 2010

  • October 31, 2010 1:22 pm

Halloween was the greatest here in Glyndon! “Bedlam in the Boro” (Lineboro, MD — billboard on Rt. 140) and Transylvania had nothing on Glyndon this past Saturday evening. Emory Grove and its Victorian “Haunted” Emory Grove Hotel became a partying venue for all Glyndonites, young and old. It was a night of “magic”! (Magic is the word used by one of our members!)

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The magical place, known as Emory Grove, came alive with many witches, Darth Vader, a large gorilla, a feisty pirate complete with live bird on her shoulder, beautiful princesses,a plethora of football players and much more. There were even 3 clowns – clowning around! One was rather tall ( I was asked if I was on stilts and had to show my legs to prove otherwise!). After the menagerie gathered in front of the Hotel, the gathered costumed group was led to the Temple to meet with a real ‘witchy’ witch who told everyone a Halloween story. Then the kids were off to Trick or Treat at several of the cottages in the Grove before returning to the “haunted” Hotel for games, prizes, and most especially the “spooky walk” of the second floor of the hotel. (I believe the adults wanted to take the “spooky walk” more than the kids!) All the while, Halloween goodies galore were consumed by the estimated 100 participants!

This was truly a Glyndon “team” effort. I want to thank all who helped with this most successful Halloween party. The GCA Halloween party began during the term of former GCA President Vernene Rodgers Lenz, 19 years ago. After last year’s one year hiatus, because we could find no chair for 2009, the annual Halloween Party returned in its sensational glory to be the “very best ever”! Under the leadership of Glyndon resident and Glyndon Community Association’s Board Member Gale DeHaven, the plans came together. Thanks to Nan Kaestner for her many planning ideas and the “spooky walk”. Assisting Gale, more than we will ever know, in this “magic” Halloween were Missy Fanshaw, Karen Wriesen, Lauren De Haven, Kim Karlsen, Kim Montayne, Heather Donatelli, Michelle Kriebel, and many middle schoolers. Rosemary Stem made sure every goblin and party-goer got fed. Thanks also is extended to the many husbands, family members and friends for their support and assistance. Special Thanks to Meredith and Charlie Wells in obtaining the use of the Hotel, etc. Special kudos to the Emory Grove Association for the use of the hotel and grounds along with all of the “Grovers” who opened up their cottages to the Trick or Treaters. Photos were taken by Kate Bullock and Vernene Rodgers Lenz. Look for photos at within a few days. This celebration shows true community spirit by so many people, imaginatively working for the betterment of Glyndon and neighborly comraderie. If I have failed to recognize someone for his / her help, I humbly apologize.

Finally, thank-you to all of the 100 who attended this gala. YOU made it an evening of MAGIC for those who worked so hard to plan this affair.

I must not forget to recognize Tickled Pink and the Boxwood Connection for the gifts that were given away plus Farmer Tom, from Berryman’s Lane, for all of the pumpkins, straw bales and other items that added to our festive decorations.

Yes, it was an evening of MAGIC in a magical and majestic community!

On behalf of your GCA Board, I thank all of you,

GCA Meets November 10, 2010

  • October 31, 2010 10:14 am




TIME:  7 P.M.




Directions:  From Central Avenue, Turn LEFT onto Insulin Lane.  At the top of

the drive, one will see the Dining Hall clearly marked straight ahead.  Park in the parking lot.


Forbush School Update

Water Pipe Project Update – George Boden/ Joe Culotta Baltimore County Public Works

Glyndon Traffic Enforcement – Baltimore County Police Dept

Meet the new County Councilman (Tentative)

Committee Reports

Holiday Tree Lighting, Sunday December 5, 6:30PM

Final Battle of Glyndon Station Park (for 2010)

  • October 9, 2010 10:49 am

The Final Battle of Glyndon Station Park was held this morning. Your valiant soldiers assembled for one last skirmish with the “dreaded” weeds under the leadership of Generals Barbara Whitman and Elise Armacost.

The soldiers included Rebel Boykin, Karen Cervino, John Morris, Diane and Bill Flayhart, Bob Grover, Jean Wroe, Barbara Ricks, Lynne Maher, Per Karlsen and plus “super chef Leo Ottey and yours truly. Thanks to Jay Wroe for the electric hook up for the coffee pot!

Fortified with Chef Leo’s famous breakfast sandwiches, the soldiers made quick work of the weeds and our Park is now ready for a peaceful Fall and Winter.

Police Traffic Update

  • October 4, 2010 10:42 am

A note from Kate Bullock

The Franklin Precinct has reported on their first 30 day traffic Enforcement Zone in Glyndon. While the Precinct reported being surprised by the results, Glyndon residents will not be surprised.

Traffic monitoring occurred on 18 of the 30 days. Measured against limited resources, Glyndon received double the response that would normally be devoted to most traffic complaints.

  • 43 Citations have been issued (not broken down by traffic offense)
  • 32 Warnings have been issued (not broken down by traffic offense)
  • 1 Arrest has been made for driving on a suspended license
  • 1 Overweight vehicle has been towed due to the number of
    prior offenses

Of particular significance to the Precinct, were the number of overweight trucks.

This represents such a high volume of traffic offenses, that the Franklin Precinct will continue to monitor what they recognize as a significant traffic problem. The Precinct’s objective is to change driving behavior. If they are successful, this will not only create a safer situation during construction, but will have a long term impact on overall traffic safety for Glyndon.

We can all be greatly appreciative of the efforts being made by the Franklin Precinct.

Join HGI for History Reading

  • September 19, 2010 5:00 pm

Historic Glyndon, Inc, presents Dr. Lisa New, a Harvard English professor, reading from her family memoir Jacob’s Cane: A Jewish Family’s Journey from the Four Lands of Lithuania to the Ports of London and Baltimore; A Memoir in Five Generations on Thursday evening, October 7, 2010, 7:00, at the Glyndon Woman’s Club (4627 Butler Road, Glyndon).

Admission is free and refreshments will be served. Vernene Rogers Lenz is chairing the event.

HGI is sponsoring the reading because early 20th-century Glyndon plays a small role in the book and because, 11 years ago during the early stages of Dr. New’s research, several HGI members were of assistance to her.

Water Pipe Construction Schedule

  • July 24, 2010 12:34 pm

Posted at the request of Gary Lenz, president of the Glyndon Community Association

Construction schedules are estimates only. Estimates are subject to multiple unforeseen variables such as weather, design conflicts, utility conflicts, etc.

Section One – Butler Road

Cossentino Contracting Company has projected that work in Section One will take approximately 12 weeks. Section One will take the longest to complete. Work hours are 9 AM- 3 PM.

The last phase of work on Butler will be the tie-ins at Railroad and Glen Morris. This work will be done between the hours of 11 PM – 7 AM, two nights only.

Section Two – Railroad and Albright

Based on the above projection, work in Section Two may begin in October. Work hours are 8 AM – 4 PM.

Section Three – Central, Chatsworth, Glyndon, Belleview

Section Four – Fiske and Worthington

Section Five – Waugh and Prospect

Section Six – Final tie-in at Central and Albright

Final Paving in all Sections

Work in these sections will continue through the winter and spring and summer. Work hours are 8 AM – 4 PM.

Water Shut-Offs

The Contractor will provide advance notice prior to any water shut-offs in your section.

Night Work

Night work will occur for two nights only. It will occur at the completion of work on Butler Road. This is required to complete tie-in work at Railroad and at Glen Morris.


Construction sites create reduced visibility for everyone. Whether

driving, biking, or on skate boards, proceed with caution. This is a great time to have a chat with infallible children.

On-Street Parking

If you rely on on-street parking, you may want to plan ahead for alternatives.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please  contact: Kate Bullock at